03. 05. 2018.

INTERVIEW Camilla Banda: "I am going back home with the best impressions about Serbia"

We spent a day with our colleague from Nelt Zambia, who was our guest in Serbia, this April. Camilla Banda joined our company in February 2018 as Merchandiser Team Leader and HR business partner. Her job includes supporting merchandisers all across Zambia, through education and diverse activities from HR perspective. Because of this dynamic role, Camilla’s objective in Belgrade was to get as much information and knowledge as possible in the fields of human resources, sales and communications; as well as all other sectors. She also had to get acquainted with the processes of other sectors in order to she provide her the most professional support in her assistance to all colleagues in Zambia.


How long have you been working in Nelt?

I’ve worked at Nelt since February 2018, so that’s 2 months.


How does one day of on-boarding in Belgrade looks like?

One day of boarding of on-boarding looks like one, two or three intense sessions with one colleague taking me in depth to whatever the topic of the day is. So far I’ve had sessions dealing with the many aspects of Human Resource management, Projects management and even Warehousing and trips into the field.


How do you like Belgrade so far? What is your biggest impression?

I have really enjoyed my time here, I like my part of the city (the waterfront), because it is scenic. My biggest impression is that the people here are really friendly and are very hospitable.


What do you like the most about our colleagues from Serbia and what have you learned from them, so far?

What I love the most about our colleagues is how very open and honest they are. I love that they are always giving information and going out of their way to translate everything they say or people around me say, so that I can feel at home. They have really great working relationships with the people around them and they are quite helpful. Simply, they are the best hosts you could imagine. What my colleagues have taught me is that I can be super-friendly and professional at the same time. Professional doesn’t mean straight face always.


What, of the things you’ve learned here in Belgrade, will you start implementing in Nelt Zambia?

I have learnt so much through this training programme, even more than I even imagined I could learn! This on-boarding has opened my eyes to more processes and systems that I can see working in Zambia and all other African markets; because we still have a long way to go. It is because of this that I will have to first analyse what the needs of my region are, from there I would have to see what is most applicable from all the knowledge I’ve gained during his on boarding process.


Can you share, with us, some interesting facts about Zambia and its capital, Lusaka?

Zambia is best known for housing one of the 7 world wonders, which is The Victoria falls and is the largest man made dam The Kariba Dam. We are a dynamic population of 16 million people mostly under the age of 35. Our capital city is Lusaka, which has about 4 million people. Zambia’s main economic driver is copper, we produce a significant amount of the world’s copper supply.

We are diverse and have 72 languages. Zambia is a very peaceful nation, we have not experienced any kind of war since the independence struggle in 1964. Zambia has very friendly and polite people, that are very family oriented. To top it off we love our traditional food and art.